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Commissioner Of Police

Smt. Laxmi Singh

Commissioner of Police

The Commissionerate system is a response to increasingly complex policing requirements in large cities and urban agglomerations, characterized by dense populations, high volume of business/economic activity, large scale migrations and a proliferation of organized crime due to very hot real estate markets and rapid economic growth. Gautam Budha Nagar, being one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan districts of India, is characterized by all of the above and, hence, was a natural and obvious choice for a switchover to the Commissionerate system with effect from 15.01.2020. In keeping with the Hon’ble CM’s vision for safe and smart Policing, the Commissionerate will leverage a judicious mix of additional trained man power and the latest technological solutions to provide customized and citizen-centric policing services to the residents of Gautam Budha Nagar. Tackling crimes against women and children, traffic snarls, organized crime syndicates, and cyber fraud will be the top priorities of the Police force in its pursuit for building a safe and secure Gautam Budha Nagar, for no development can be sustained in the backdrop of insecurity and lawlessness.
In this regard, one of the earliest initiatives of the Police Commissionerate is to strengthen the foundations of community policing – the long celebrated ‘Beat Policing’ system. The new and improved beat system has been launched first in Bisrakh area with 50 beat constables equipped with state-of-the-art patrol bikes, batons, body worn cameras, wireless sets and CUG Sims. These beat constables have been empowered to undertake an array of activities in their beat like verifications and responding to all applications emanating from the area. They will keep an eye on the criminals in the area, establish better relations with the community, enable a faster police response to myriad emergencies and secure a stronger foothold of the Police in their respective jursidictions. This scheme is in the process of being scaled to other parts of the District.
New and promising investments are being made in investigative tools and partnerships with corporate associations to meaningfully take on the menace of an explosion in cyber fraud in Gautam Budha Nagar District. Tie ups with industry bodies, particularly those representing software firms and app-developers, will enable quick sharing of information for speedy response to cases, big and small, involving money and data theft over cyber platforms. Integrated Traffic Management Systems are being designed, in tandem with other government departments and agencies, for effective monitoring of traffic and sustainable solutions to the problem of ever increasing number of vehicles, particularly in the backdrop of structural limitations in road design. Ease of mobility, we believe, is a pre-requisite for a cosmopolitan district like Gautam Budh Nagar which can significantly facilitate its growth potential.
We are building an ecosystem of intolerance for crimes against women and children and promoting the percolation of this sentiment down to the last police personnel on the ground. There are regular training and sensitization sessions for Police personnel of all ranks to enable more empathetic, speedy and professional investigation of crimes against women, such that the certainty of Police action and subsequent conviction can act as a meaningful deterrent for such crimes. Mahila Choupals will be held all over the district, particularly in the low income, densely populated, crime prone pockets where women Police personnel will inform local women and girls about the many Police services available to them to report and resist any form of abuse – physical, sexual, emotional, mental. The idea of the Mahila Choupal is grounded in the belief that information is power. Women and girls who know how to access help will be less prone to suffer in silence.
I am personally leading multi-stakeholder consultations with Resident Welfare Associations, Industry associations, Women’s groups, NGOs, knowledge partners, technology developers to truly feel the pulse of the District, to better understand its problems, and to innovate for collaborative and novel solutions to these problems. My team and I look forward to working in excellent synergy with our sister agencies in the Government, private partners and citizen groups to fulfill our commitment of building a safe, secure and prosperous Gautam Budha Nagar district.

Jai Hind.

Police Commissioner of Noida

Smt. Laxmi Singh, joined as Police Commissioner of Noida (29-Nov-2022)

First Police Commissioner of Noida

Shri Alok Singh, joined as First Police Commissioner of Noida.