Servant Verification Form

Registration of domestic servants / private employees/plumbers/chowkidars etc. and verification of their character and antecedents.

A large number of immigrant servants and floating laboures, chowkidars, plumbers, electricians and other casual laboures come to Delhi/New Delhi in search of employment. Crime committed by this class of population in Delhi constitutes a big problem.

Registration & Verifications:

For convenience of the employers, servant verification will be got done through beat constables. He will go to the employer's residences, request them to fill the forms and return the forms to the Divisions Officers at the police station after beat patrolling duty is over. Adequate attention must paid by the Division's Officer/ SHO's to this important matter.
The division officer and the beat patrolling constable will be required to jointly do this job from time to time. They will take with them sufficient number forms (Appendix ' A' )go the houses of the employers and get the forms filled in triplicate for all private / domestic servants/casual workers employed in tent houses, Halwai shops, casual labourers, plumbers, electricians and also the chowkidars employed by the Resident/Market Welfare Associations. One copy of their photographs be retained in Police Station and their forms shall be entered in the servant verification register and shall be sent to the Police Station concerned, in duplicate, for verification in the form of stranger Roll. Concerned SHO will check their antecedents from CRO, whether they are involved in any cases in Delhi or otherwise.